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Sanna Kinnunen
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First work for 2016.

- A4
- Tiger markers
- Colored pencils
- Stabilos


SNAPCHAT: electricpoppers


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Hi guys!

If you have followed me long enough in different social medias, you may know that I change workstation positions and looks more than my undies.
Especially 2014 I was busy with that so I thought, why not gather pictures how much it have changed in these past few years.
Dont get me wrong, I still have sudden urges to do something like, arrange table again or move completely elsewhere. I have no idea why I keep doing that.
When I was going through all my pics, I noticed how my taste of decorating is still the same. Lots of colors and ... stuff.

Anyhoo, lets get started!

2012 was THE year for me when I wanted to have my own working space, be a proper artist with my OWN artist area.
Back then I didnt have much tools to work with, few markers and inks here and there. Also, we lived in another home so space was quite limited...

Look how small, clean AND CUTE it looks!
This was my first table ever. We didnt have Ikea yet so my table was from somewhere else. (When we finally got Ikea here, since then it has been a huge help with all my brainstorming ideas)
From the beginning this was really small for my use but it worked for a while. Penguin lamp was terrible for drawing purposes, it was more like decoration.
BUT at least I had a table. Here started my serious journey as EP (lol).

2013 we got Ikea and so did I! My kid got the other table and I got this. Looks like I got new lamp too (Still as bad, it got really hot while using it. But I loved the look of it).
Drawing space got bigger, now I could actually draw A3 sized works too! Small marker collection, how cute.

During summer I decided that I needed more space to store my growing collection of junk. So I got this shelf (it was from my kids room) and turned table towards living room.
I still like this idea and how good these fit here. I was in the way of course, no one could walk through the living room.
I would like to thank my spouse for letting me do this.

I got own laptop so I needed table for that. I got more and more paper, I needed space for them. I also started doing DIY stuff and that "lighttable" is one of my best ideas.
(It took all the space and I never knew where to put it. What a space eater!)
Back then it helped me a lot, even though I would never use it now because I have got better stuff. But you get the idea. I was starting to get hang of things.
And I felt small.

It was still 2013 when I changed my station elsewhere. Here was my spouses table until he decided to place himself in the living room. In a second I was here, corner of our kitchen.
I think my complaining about the space had something to do with it. And now we all could use hall to living room.
I still like this idea of turning around. "Yay Im drawing! (turn) Yay, Im surfing on internet!"

This table was kind of impulse buy. (Check out that lamp!) I saw this table in Ikea and fell in love with it. Of course I did, its yellow! And it was cheap, I love cheap things too.
It had storage for markers and other pens. That was a good thing because this table was really tiny. But it worked in tiny space, somehow.
I rearrange this place many times.

Kind of eyeopening to see how much stuff I got in so little time.

And we all remember, that stuff needs more space. I bought this table as second hand so it was cheap. Once you have big, you cant go back. Ehe He.
I like to have everything near me, its handy. If you need something, its right there. (otherwise I forget I have it) .....

We moved (thank god) early 2014 and at the same time got office room! First my place was here and spouses on other side. Our tables were too big for this room so space was really tight. I had to use my imagination how to get stuff near me, again.

I wanted natural light more so we switched places. I got more space too! Summer times I keep curtain open but when it gets darker, no. We have very nosy people outside.

Ahh, thats better. As you can see, in every picture arrangement has changed.
I needed this dresser for my junk but I also though this could be great idea for my back (I have back problems and pains).
Standing while Im on pc, terrible idea. It didnt work so I was already brainstorming.

Because lack of space, spouse moved under the stairs (theres tiny space for something tiny). And that meant I GOT THE WHOLE ROOM FOR MYSELF!
Still this day I havent figured out why I didnt keep this as it was. Looks too good to be true but no.. I had to start doing stupid arrangements again.

Wtf I was thinking... I was aiming more office look at the time. It just dont work when your room is too small.
But I do love my taste of colors and how I organize things haha.

Late 2014 or early 2015 it was my turn under the stairs and spouse went back to where he left. I was lonely in that "huge" office room by myself so I wanted to be around people while I draw.
This is the most cutest thing what I have ever made, own art nest. I got second hand chair which has been better for my back! (Sitting on it right now)
If that space could a bit bigger, I would still use it. But, unfortunately, it isnt.
Funny thing: My family said that I couldnt fit there with all my stuff.
I did, but you can see the rest.

Late winter 2015 we decided to get corner tables for both of us and we are still using them. I think that works best in this room so we both fit here somehow.
At that time my "digital station" was in office and "traditional station" was on the kitchen table. (Our table is huge so no worries, I wasnt in the way.. sort of)
I noticed that I needed table with height, drawing too low started to hurt my back more and more. Thats why I tested kitchen table, it was best option at the time.

Even then I kept changing arrangement.
And got this so I can get more stuff next to me.

Soon I was under the stairs again, I brainstormed an idea how could I get table higher.
I stayed there few weeks and moved everything in office room again.

First I was using side table for drawing but some point I switched it to the corner.

This is last picture what I have shared in social media. As you may have guessed, I have arranged stuff again and again, it looks a bit different today.
The main idea always is: where I store all my markers (lol). BUT Im still in this room doing new works and brainstorming.
Since 2012, I have grown my workstation a lot, as well as tools and other junk too.
I have dreamed about getting a lounge chair or small couch here but I would have to go under the stairs again and I dont want that.. yet. No. Maybe. Huh?
Hi. My name is Sanna and I have a problem...
You can follow my sketches/wips on Facebook and Instagram: ELECTRICPOPPERS.

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sira Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016   Digital Artist
I love how change your workstation. Each once is better! :D
ELECTRICPOPPERS Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thank you! Now I havent done much for it anymore :D 
mvendredi13 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday (electric-pops out of a cake)
ELECTRICPOPPERS Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2016  Professional General Artist
:love: Thank you! *eats :cake:*
mvendredi13 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
wait I'm still insiiiide*gulp*
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